Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Interview with Daw Shwe

Voice: “How long have you been here?”
Mdm Shwe: “Four years?”

Voice: “You’re alone here. Don’t you feel boring?”
Mdm Shwe: “I’m alone. This is peace.”

Voice: “What was your job?”
Mdm Shwe: “Washing clothes. That was my livelihood.”

Voice: “How is your health now?”
Mdm Shwe: “I’m healthy. Nothing wrong. But sometimes I feel dizzy. My doctor comes to me every Sunday. I don’t go to doctors because I want to save medicine. Medicine should be used for other people. My eyes and ears are still sharp. Especially my ears are very sharp. I don’t know why.”

Voice: “Do you have relatives?”
Mdm Shwe: “Yes, I have. I gave our house to one of my brothers when he married. Now I am here.”

Voice: “Do they come here?”
Mdm Shwe: “No, they don’t.”

Voice: “Do you need an assistant when you go to toilet?”
Mdm Shwe: “I can do it myself. Carrying a torch light.”

Voice: “What is the reason why you are so healthy?”
Mdm: “I meditate. I practice the Dhamma. Saying prayers. Keeping Sabbath. I’ve been doing these since I was 20. Going to temple. I’m flexible. I never go against my environment. I’m always happy.”

Voice: “How is your relationship here?”
Mdm Shwe: “We’re sharing our snacks with one another. We give. And we accept. We help one another.”

Voice: “How are you using the cash donation accepted?”
Mdm Shwe: “I donate it again. I donate to our Sayadaw coming to us on Sundays. And I’m saving some money for my health. Recently I donated MMK 20, 000 for water. We’re going to offer Waso robes. Not using the entire cash donation accepted. We’ll donate.”

Voice: “How are you keeping your mind?”
Mdm: “We don’t know when we’ll meet death. Tomorrow? Or the day after tomorrow? At present we must have pure mind. If our mind is wholesome, we can be living long life. Our life span is shortened due to our mind in bad mood.”

Voice: “Grand mom must be tired by answering my questions. Thank you, Grand mom. Please accept our obeisance.”

Min Myo and Zay Nway Tun interviewed Daw Shwe, aged 106, who is living at
NATURE, home of aged people, Thanlyin Township.
The interview was mentioned in “The Voice Journal”
(Vol 8 – No 29, 9/7/12 – 13/7/12, Page 36).
Translation is ours.

Shin Acara

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